smartphone app to tag, localize
and cleanup (ocean) plastic waste

(available from 2022)

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Cleanup (ocean) plastic debris


We completely lost control over plastic. Plastic is now threatening our lives, health and every creature on our beautiful planet.

Scientist predicted that without any changes all marine wildlife (in and around our oceans) will extinct within two generations. We humans need healthy and clean oceans to live and we can't leave our children behind in a polluting world!

The PTAGGER is a free smartphone app to tag, localize, pickup and drop (ocean) plastic waste for recycling purposes.

The PTAGGER app is using decentralized and mobile technologies to engage millions of people to fight the global plastic pollution problem.

Everyone with a smartphone can download the PTAGGER and earn OCEANS tokens (exchangeable crypto tokens) during their clean up and collection activities.

With PTAGGER we aim to tag, localize and cleanup 51.1 million kilos of (ocean) plastic waste worldwide in the upcoming 4 years.

APP Features

With the PTAGGER mobile we aim to tag, localize, pickup and recycle as much plastic waste as possible. We want to give cleaned up and recycled plastic a realistic value proposition and reward all the stakeholders within our ecosystem with exchangeable crypto tokens (money).

Another objective is to create awareness and educate our users about the global plastic pollution problem, which is now threatening our lives, planet and marine wildlife.

Non-recycable plastic waste will be processed into fuel and electricity with the WASTEX P1000 machinery from our strategic partner BIOFABRIK (sustainable plastic recycling). Each unit can process up to 1,000 kilograms of plastic waste per day which will be converted into 1,000 liters of fuel powering 150 single-family homes.

Tag, collect and drop off plastic waste
By using this smartphone app, users are able to tag/localize plastic waste and adding attributes (single item, mixed, color, select a brand and add an estimated weight). Once submitted other PTAGGER users in that same region receive a notification about new tagged objects in their area (added into the collection queue).

Once a PTAGGER user assigns him/herself to collect and drop off a tagged object, he/she will receive navigational instructions from a nearby collection point, where the user can drop off the collected plastic objects.

Collection points
At the collect point the user is required to scan the associated QR code (listed on his/her smartphone) and weight the collected objects. Once processed both the user who tagged and the user who collected and dropped of the plastic objects are automatically rewarded with OCEANS tokens (exchangeable crypto tokens).

Collection points are entities within the ecosystem, having a fixed address and specific opening hours. Each collection point needs to have a smartphone and a digital scale to weight dropped off plastic waste.

Recycling centers
Collection points are required to drop off plastic waste at a nearby located recycling center. Once arrived on location, the recycling operator is required to scan the QR code (listed on the collection point operator's smartphone), weight and verify the dropped off plastic waste so both receive OCEANS tokens.

With attractive financial incentives, gamification elements and appealing rewards, OCEANPLASTIK aims to involve people and encourage companies to be support all our activities, provide essential eduction and create awareness about the global plastic pollution problem.


User-friendly mobile app to tag, localize, pickup and drop off (ocean) plastic debris with navigational instructions.


Prepared for multi-language deployment to activate a worldwide movement to localize and cleanup plastic waste.

Tag plastic

Tag, localize and describe plastic waste using your smartphone (generates a photo and adds the GEO coordinates).

Collection Queue

App users automatically receive notifications about new available tagged plastic objects in their area.

Collect/drop off plastic

App users can collect and drop off tagged plastic objects at connected collection points and/or recycling centers.

Earn OCEANS tokens

App users who drop off plastic objects (scanned QR codes) automatically receive OCEANS tokens (cryptocurrency).

New income source

Active App users can have a safe and reliable source of income by collecting tagged plastic waste.


Within the PTAGGER app we can educate app users about the global plastic pollution and how they can change the world.


Re-invest in setting up recycling and production centers in areas that are affected by plastic pollution.

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